The Keystone Group

The Keystone Group develops residential properties in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan area. We believe in modern design for today’s modern living style. The concept of home has evolved dramatically in recent years. The homes we develop reflect that change. From Energy efficiency to modern design, the Keystone Group develops properties which redefine the concept of home and inspires Homeowners to make it their own. By staying at the forefront of the modern home concept, the Keystone Group creates value to Investors, Homeowners, and Developers.

Modern Homes

Keystone combines form and function with our creative vision to develop properties that capture the imagination of homebuyers, while delivering homes that are technologically advanced, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. We approach each property as an opportunity to create value by developing homes that are imaginative and unique.

Real Estate Development A to Z

The Keystone Group manages all aspects of the real estate development project - from sourcing land, through design, financing, construction, and marketing. We have the talent and expertise to skillfully handle the legal, financial, construction, risk management, and regulatory aspects of the development project. Our comprehensive planning and disciplined execution contribute to the ultimate goal of success.


Keystone leverages its in-house construction capabilities to control construction costs and keep the project on schedule and under budget. We are known for our excellent project-management skills, high-quality construction work, and cost control skills.

Custom Homes

Keystone offers turnkey custom home solutions. We secure financing and orchestrate the entire custom home project – from site selection, through design, permits, and construction. We build our clients homes that are truly unique from land to plan. We offer our client the flexibility to design the floor plan, and choose from countless options of interior and exterior finishes.


When you invest with the Keystone Group, you become a partner with the talented people who have built a reputation for excellence, trust and integrity. Our success, and that of our investors, stands firmly on a foundation of good relationships. Future performance has no better measure than past results. Our consistent delivery has earned us a reputation as an organization which performs at the highest level. Our principals are commitment to project success and invest their personal capital in each one of our development projects.